My Thoughts: Suave for Natural Hair line

If you follow me on IG then I’m sure you’ve seen my recents posts (and exploration into video content) featuring the newly released Suave for Natural Hair line. Infused with coconut and shea butter the line is formulated especially for those of us with wavy, curly and coily hair types and comprises 6 products that I’ve been using for the last 2 1/2 – 3 months.

As everyone with natural hair knows, the road to finding products that work for you is long, filled with potholes and expensive AF!
Which raises the first point, how AFFORDABLE the line is. At Pennywise each product is about $40- $70, a Superpharm or other drugstore might run you up to $80 but I promise you it doesn’t get more expensive than that.
My hair is quite frizzy and has a lot of trouble retaining moisture, it can also be categorised as:
•Low Porosity
•Thick individual strands
•Has a mind of its own

Now let’s chat about how each product worked, and what rating I gave it.

Sulfate-free Cleansing Shampoo- ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

According to Suave’s website, this shampoo:
•Gently cleanses and moisturizes
•Sulfate-Free formula
•Ideal for curly to coily hair

And they’re right, it is super gentle and doesn’t strip your hair to the point where it feels like dry and hay-like. However, for me, it took about 3 shampoos in one wash session before my hair felt as though it was clean. Now I’m not a person who typically uses a lot of products in my hair and I wash weekly so there isn’t time or product to have buildup. It took quite a bit of work for the shampoo to feel as though it worked and because of this I had to give it three stars. (But it did make finger detangling easy)

Moisturising Curl Conditioner -⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

For the conditioner, it:
•Deeply moisturizes and provides maximum slip
•Detangles and softens curls
•Tames frizz while enhancing shine
•Ideal for wavy, curly and coily hair

If you comb your hair out in the bathroom then you’d surely enjoy this conditioner like I did. There’s a lot of slip which made combing my hair out super easy and immediately afterward my hair did feel softer and remained manageable and untangled before I began the next steps of adding leave-in, curl defining cream and gel and that’s why it gets a 4 from me!

Nourish & Strengthen Leave-in Conditioner- ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

This product:
•Deep treatment for nourished coils
•Works to help protect from styling damage
•Ideal for coily hair
After conditioning I applied this to my wet hair and one thing that’s absolute is how soft my hair felt after applying. It also didn’t weigh my hair down like other leave-ins I’ve used and the scent is really light (because as you all have heard a million times before I really dislike heavily scented products). The main reason I gave this product a three is, it didn’t have a lasting effect on my hair, so while it remained soft, it didn’t remain quite moisturised. ( But like I said, my hair has a major problem retaining moisture so this wasn’t going to be fixed overnight)

Cream Detangler Spray- ⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

This works by:
•Detangles on wet hair
•Calms frizz on dry hair
•Ideal for wavy, curly and coily hair

Since I usually detangle in the shower, I used this product to revive my hair and tame the frizz. It worked quickly to help detangle but I did need a lot of it given how stubborn my hair itself is. Given how much of the product I had to use to get it work is what made me give it a 3.

Curl Defining Cream- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

The Curl Defining Cream:
•Enhances natural curl pattern
•Ideal for wavy to curly hair
•Adds softness and shine

Undoubtedly, this is my favourite product in the line. And, coupled with the Define & Shine Serum Gel, made my morning hair routine quick and easy. It did help my hair feel moisturized and in terms of enhancing curl pattern worked best when used with the serum since I did try using it alone a few times and that didn’t work out too great as my hair became frizzy in a few hours. In spite of the frizz those few times, the one constant with this, and all of the other products, my hair was super soft so it gets a 4.

Define & Shine Serum Gel-⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

This product: 
•Locks-in moisture for touchable curls
•Holds curl shape with brilliant shine
•Ideal for wavy hair

Due to wash and go’s being my forte, a defining product is the secret weapon in my arsenal. And the Suave Define & Shine Serum, helped give me major definition but without my hair feeling heavy or getting crunchy which happens with regular gels. Like my comment above, it worked best with the Curl Defining Cream for a more defined wash and go and that’s a 4 from me.


Collectively, for the price, product sizes (only the serum is 4.75oz, the others are 12-16oz) and the fact that through using all of these products my hair retained softness, it’s a great buy especially if you’re still learning what works and what doesn’t for your hair. It took my hair about 3-4 tries before warming up to these products so it may be a matter of your hair has to get used to the product and its ingredients and definitely this lined worked perfectly together as I did try in between to mix and match with some other products.

Have you tried this? Tell me how it went for you?
(Please note I received this line from Suave to review)


Caribbean Makeup Brands You Should Know

Once something Fenty Beauty drops we go crazy, we have to have it, we wait online and click refresh until its available and don’t get me wrong, I stan the Queen- Robyn Rihanna Fenty just as much as anyone else, but if I ask you to name other Caribbean owned beauty brands…what would you say?
Don’t worry, my job here is certainly not to judge, it’s to let you know that we’ve got lots of other Caribbean makeup brands that we should should definitely look out for! A couple of these brands I have used before, a couple of them are on my radar (but you know bills and adulting and that boring nonsense). So here are some Caribbean owned makeup brands to get familiar with:

  • Island Beauty Cosmetics (Trinidad) –  IBC’s aim is to empower women through beauty . And, her line of liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and eyebrow pomades perfectly complement the Caribbean women so that she feels beautiful, motivated and empowered at all times. When it comes to pricepoint, the lipsticks go for $65TTD which is around the average locally you might pay for a Colourpop liquid lipstick, but, I can assure you IBC’s is 175 times better. On a day out I wore the pinkish red shade ‘Hibiscus’, I had a burger, I think a beer, coconut water straight from the coconut and the lipstick didn’t move. The colour also went on evenly and rich in one swipe and didn’t dry out or flake off like my friend Colourpop over there. So if you’re looking to add some local to your stash, especially lipsticks, Island Beauty Cosmetics has my full stamp of approval.

    (Lipstick image from @makeupbymelanyy, brow gel image from @island_beauty_cosmetics)


  • Pout Makeup (Barbados)- Setting Sprays, Finishing Sprays, lipsticks and lashes, if you’re thinking about something, Pout surely has it! With a steadily growing collection of products (as I peeped a lip scrub released just days ago) Pout is ensuring that she’ll be another Bajan force to be reckoned with when it comes to the beauty industry. Pout’s offering of complexion products such as the shimmering Finishing Sprays were made to enhance the natural skin tones of our Caribbean women as opposed to overpowering us and making it seem as though we rolled into a bag of glitter. I’m yet to try this brand out but I’ve been eyeing it for some time now (try over a year) and trust me, when I do, you guys are gonna know about it!

    (Images from  @poutmakeupbarbados on IG)


  • HijaabiXslay (Trinidad)– After seeing this brand pop up on my feed with highlighters, I just had to follow. (If you know me you’d know that highlighter is my one weakness when it comes to makeup- ok lipsticks too). Available in two shades, Ari and Lyba, its guaranteed that whether you’re warm or cooler toned you’ll be glistening in the sunlight. It’s clear that customers and MUA’s alike are loving this product since there are customer pics on the daily I can admire. I think it’s safe to say I’ll probably be adding new higlighter to my already large stash soon.

    (Images from @hijaabixslay on IG)


  • Gaelle Cosmetics (Jamaica)– This brand was “Born out of a longing for beauty products representative of Jamaica’s diverse culture and rich heritage”, clearly reflects this sentiment in each shade name and each super stunning model that appears on the Gaelle website and social media pages. Another brand I’m yet to try that’s doing lipstick and glosses in pretty much any shade imaginable. With an impressive 50 shade range in matte lipsticks, my alarms are going off because lipstick might be an obsession of mine. Not ignoring the exciting but not messy packaging that they come in, and sleek shape of the tubes, they remind me of brands that have been killing the beauty industry for years so I think Gaelle is going only up from here.

    (Images from @gaellecosmetics on IG)


Do you have a brand you think I should know or even write about? Then send me a message!


6 Trinbagonian Skin Care Brands You Need To Know!

Skin care products are available by the hundreds or even thousands. Dry skin, oily skin, aging skin, acne prone skin and the list seems infinite, it’s difficult to make a decision on what works for you. It gets tiring especially when we’re offered a barrage of chemicals way too harsh for our skin, leaving us with more problems than when we started.  Worse yet, they’re high end brands that seem to charge you per sq foot of skin you have.

But, what if I told you, there’s local brands using all natural ingredients that consider both your skin and wallet?

Read on to get to know 6 local skin care brands hand- making organic products made for our skin AND climate, because well, they understand just how much TLC our skin really needs.


       Philippa’s Garden 

Ever dreamt of covering yourself in chocolate? Say no more fam- PG is here to make dream that a reality with their line of cocoa infused scrubs, body butters and soaps. This line of products inspired by matriarch, Philippa has such a strong connection to family that getting a hold of it releases nostalgia of your mum or grandma slathering you in coconut oil as a child. Alas, this isn’t grandma’s coconut oil but skin care to enrich both the soul and skin, and to make you call up those cousins you haven’t seen a while.

Cover yourself in chocolate by clicking right…here 




Nell’s Naturals

Skin care isn’t just for women! (I  mean, we all have skin right). But to make the guys feel special Nell is doing skin care for you too! Most popularly for the men she’s doing body oils and foot soaks because let’s be honest, ashy only looks good on chimneys. For the ladies, scrub, butter and mist your way to your most radiant skin and you can share with the beau or just get him his own.

Get Yo Man nice and moisturised rightttt here


Vin Natural Cosmetics 

Dry, Flaky, Crusty. I didn’t say what but you already know what I’m talking about- LIPS. You’ve been wondering why matte lipsticks look so wotless on you but so amazing on everyone else, it might be because those lips need divine intervention, ie, Vin and her lip products. With a Beet Root Balm crafted to remedy darkening lips and scrubs to stay eternally kissable, people might start speculating that you’ve had some work done.

To stay kissable, click here

Beauty Paradise by Ann

Ann already has a#1 skin care best-seller with her Tumeric & Lemon Peel Scrub (the tumeric is hand picked                  btw) formulated to say bye-bye to those dark marks and large pores. Scratch making and hand-picking is a                    clear sign that all her love and attention goes into moulding each individual product so that it’s made just for                you.

Get the coveted scrub right here

                                                                      Anthea’s Treasure Trove

Picture this, you’re sipping a mango mojito by the beach, wind in your hair, the sound of crashing waves. Now imagine that feeling but packed into a container of body scrubs or body butter and you’ve got ATT. Based in Store Bay, Tobago, uncovering a jar of Sorrel & Pomegranate body scrub, or lathering up with a Caribbean Spices soap bar, you’re instantly transported seaside for a full tropical skin care experience. Sunblock included! ATT combinations are nothing short of a Caribbean getaway neatly packaged and less expensive might I add.

Lather up here

                                                                                                                     Wholesome You

Carefully concocted to create skin care mastery, Wholesome You just does what it says provide to tender-love&care.  Whether you’re masking, exfoliating or moisturizing your skin’s best interest is at heart from the start to finish of your skin care routine, and from head to toe. Each product sounds like a potion (Egyptian Vanilla, Calendula & Sage, Cucumber & Geranium, just to name a few) designed to give you a magical outer glow and the most enchanting skin in all the land.

Become an enchantress here


A few of these brands and products I’m yet to try so look out for reviews!

The Glow-Up Has Arrived!

My dear friends, we are gathered here today to shine the light on my absolute favourite makeup product: Highlighters✨

My closest friends know I wear makeup about 1.5 times a month, but that doesn’t stop me from buying all the highlighters from golden tones to peachy shades simply because I have a problem (one I’ve come to terms with). Local cosmetics brand- Amerie Beautie is giving us all the highlight we need to successfully achieve the ultimate glow , I could already hear the makeup addicts in the distance shouting ‘ Yaaaaaas’. Handmade in pressed and liquid for every skintone and a million percent WOC friendly, totally coruscanting is unavoidable.


Be sure to check out @ameriebeautie on IG!

Stay Shinin’