5 Key Things I’ve Learnt In the Past Year

As a young adult, I tend to feel I have absolutely no clue what’s going on or even how I make it through some days without screaming. But, recently, I’ve been having some moments where I just sit and reflect on how far I have indeed come. It’s not where I need to be, but, I’ve learnt a few things that sure come in handy now.
These are the five things that I’ve learnt in the past year that keep my sanity levels just high enough so that I don’t go absolutely apeshit.

  1. Get rid of your loser friends – you might feel bad because you guys have been friends for a long time, but more and more you realise some people simply no longer fit into your life. The saying goes that ‘You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”, so, if all they do is lime and have zero interest in anything developmental especially for themselves, they really offer no support, when you’re being ambitious they cut you off and act like you’re doing too much (because they’re doing so much nothing), then, who are you?
    Nothing should hold you back from unlocking your fullest potential and this might get in the way. Now I don’t want to only complain about them, but at least offer some places to get started, the first being to get a mentor- someone who’s in the sphere of where you’d like to be and would have knowledge and skills that you’d be able to use to further develop yourself.
    And, be intentional about who’s in your inner circle, people with qualities you admire and inspire you. Also being able to recognise strengths and weaknesses in each other and give honest feedback so that way everyone wins.
  2. Invest HEAVILY in¬†yourself- If you don’t f**k with you, why should anyone else? Being on a path to self-actualization requires you to level up in all the ways you possibly can. And keep in mind,investing in yourself doesn’t mean (just) financially. These things acquired will last you a lifetime and create not just a better future for you, but those around you as well. So what are some of the ways I think you can invest?
    First way I’d have to say is knowledge/ education. I don’t necessarily mean going back to school but you can do some reading, some more research, take a class for something you’ve always wanted to know more about, sign up for an online course, even spend some time on YouTube learning a new skill.
    Another way is to start setting goals so you can track your progress. Starting of with setting small daily goals, then weekly, monthly and so on, allows to you to see if there’s any gaps in the way you do things. If you set a goal that should take 1 week and you take a month and notice your issue is time management then you can at least say that’s something I need to work on.
    Self care is also high on the list of self investment. You know what will allow you to feel your best self and you should absolutely do it. You deserve to feel limitless as often as you can. But this means actively practicing self care, whether it is choosing one day a week to detox from technology (no phone, laptop, tablet or tv), if its getting a massage once a month and meeting up with a friend to just talk about life. Or if you’re adventurous and want to do go rock climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping, then do it. Do the things that make you feel unstoppable.
    This one is gonna sound wild, especially to me, but, exercise. Your mind should be invested in and so should your body (and your soul btw). Exercise has its physical benefits but it also helps to relieve stress, improves cognitive function and honestly just helps you to feel better all round.
  3. Self Awareness Is VITAL to your growth- Who are you? What do you believe in? What do you like and dislike? What are you bad at? Where are you heading?
    Self awareness is having a clear understanding of you, this absolutely includes whatever flaws or toxic traits you possess. And for me, this is how you will master your life, because it will allow you to have such a deep understanding of self, that you will also come to understand the things and people around you better.
    You can start with something as simple as keeping a journal that will allow for self reflection but also help offload things have been taking up too much space in your mind. Practicing mindfulness habits, like meditation is also a great first step in the process to you fully knowing you.
    I can give you a personal example, where I was simply angry all the time, for good reason yes. But it was affecting myself and those around me. The thing is, I simply had no control over what had happened to me to make me so angry, but what I absolutely had control over was that emotion. At that point in my life I had to do a total overhaul and really reflect and where I am in my life, where I want to be, and exactly how will I reach there.
    What self awareness does is shed a whole new light on the personalities and behaviours in yourself that you would have never taken notice of before and put that all into some perspective.
  4. Growth puts you in some uncomfortable positions, embrace it anyway-¬†I’ve seen the saying “Growth and comfort do not coexist” and I felt that. Why does it make you uncomfortable? because you’re breaking an old stagnant habit and if you’re so used to your habits obviously it’ll feel strange.
    But for growth and improvement, changes are required. You will be pushed to your limits in some cases, you will have to take risks in some cases, you will want to scream on many occassions, but, I’m telling you to embrace it all because the results are beautiful.
    You will be presented with opportunities that require you to step out of what you ‘think’ you’re capable of and force you to truly realise your potential (as I have in some cases over the last few months) and let me tell you, you’re gonna love it.
  5. You win some, and you sure as heck lose some-¬†It won’t be great all the time. But some times will be amazing and you will feel on top of the world. However there must be balance in the universe and this means taking an L once in a while.
    I’m at a place in my life where if something doesn’t happen for me, I may feel sad or upset but yet I fully acknowledge it simply was not for me or it was not the right time. I’m a firm believer in that the universe gives you what you need only when you have satisfied the relevant conditions of receiving it.
    So that means embracing the losses, but not letting them consume you. Because surely, you’d have learnt one thing from it.

Do any of these resonte with you? Tell me what does! Tell me what doesn’t!
Tell me what you’ve also learnt in the last year or in life in general!

Image taken by: https://www.instagram.com/edwardkcharlesofficial/

My 5 Favourite Local Products Right Now!

Local products are sprinkled throughout my daily routine because more and more types of products are becoming available.I am disgustingly ecstatic every time I see something new that I’ve been wanting to try and then it becomes available locally, and better yet, it’s locally made.

It goes without saying saying that I’m a sucka for all things local (that’s what this blog is focused on..right?!?!!?). So it’s only fair that I share with you the top 5 products I am absolutely loving right now.

1. Ar√īme Candle Company- Sometimes, I need to just sit my behind down and relax. And Ar√īme is making it 5 times easier for me to actually do that. With a range of scents from floral, to fruity, from coffee to outdoorsy, whichever fragrance brings peace into your life, you’re sure to find it here. It’s been only recently I’ve incorporated candles into my relaxation routine and I’m really confused as to why the heck I never did it before. And this Bamboo scent really lets me clear my head and refresh. I usually light it on the floor of room on a large tile we had from tiling our kitchen. I then lay on my bed, close my eyes, take some deep cleansing breaths and let the candle do the rest.
If you’re a lover of candles or just looking to add something new to your relaxation routines, this is surely a great place to start.

2. Organic Essence by Mel- Organic, handmade hair and skincare products? That’s right! This brand first caught my eye with their Shampoo & Conditioner bars (which I also 1000% recommend btw), but as a skincare junkie, when I saw the Rose Gold Facial Elixir I knew I just HAD to get it. Judging from my last post, you know I take my skincare very seriously and finding local products to include always get me super excited. Made with¬†Avocado, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Rose and Vitamin E Oils, I knew I had to get my hands on it mainly because I have dry skin and all of these ingredients are super duper for that and I must remain moisturized at all times. And, because surely, anything with gold flecks in it are a yes from me because who doesn’t like shiny things?
Anywho, since using it I’ve genuinely seen my skin improve in the way it remains moisturized (all day) and if I skip a day (because I sometimes forget) I’m not battling with dry patchy skin like I used to. And, thanks to the Vitamin E oil, there’s also less marks, I would 1000% say The Organic Essence is needed in your collection.

3. Sumptuously Orgasmic- These artisan crafted jams, jellies, chutneys and pepper sauces are tasty, spicy, goes with everything and a great addition to basically any dish you could think of. If you anything about me, you know exactly which of these (PEPPER SAUCE) is my favourite. I’m that person that cooks with peppers and then adds more pepper to their food because, well, what’s food without pepper?
Since SO came into my life I’ve gained a pepper sauce for every occassion, my eggs for breakfast, that macaroni pie for lunch and that roti and bodi for dinner- COVERED, literally! My latest find in the Tomato Chutney is the perfect combo of sweet and savoury so that I can add excitement to really just about anything i eat.

4. Teaspott- As an avid tea and coffee drinker, finding a local tea company is heaven sent! I drink tea(or coffee) for everything, stressed? Tea! Happy? Tea! Sleepy? Tea! Hungry? Tea! Fed up of every one and everything? Definitely TEA! And TeaSpott is fueling my hot beverage obsession over and over again with the super wide array of teas. I usually try 5 new ones every time just because there’s so many to choose from and I still haven’t found a favourite because truthfully, I love all.
If you have a hot beverage addiction like me, then you’ve just found your new favourites. You’re welcome!

5. SavonArt Scentsations- More skincare? You bet your ass it is! But right now the SavonArt Scentsations lip scrub is an essential in my stash. I have dry skin and unfortunately this translates to my lips so a regular scrub is a must. A couple nights a week just before bed I apply the scrub, rub it in, get my scrub on, then wipe it off and apply a bit of Vaseline Lip Therapy after. Needless to say for the next few days those things are super kissable AND they come in various (delicious) scents/flavours like Margarita lime, Watermelon, Butter Cream, Papaya. If you’re looking to add some lip care into your skin routine, this is the perfect place to start!

My 2019 (Night Time)Skin Care Routine!

Self care entails many different things, for many different people. For me, a daily skincare routine just before bed is the peace and comfort I need just before I drift off into dreamland. It also pays to know what skin type you have so finding products/ a routine that works for your becomes a little bit easier.
For me, my forehead might get a tad bit oily, but everywhere else is a dry mess, so, most of the products I use give me loads of hydration and moisture and keep me that way all day!

Currently, I’ve employed the Korean 10-Step skin care process which for me , goes a little something like this:

1. Oil-Based Cleanser–¬† this step really helps with removing makeup and other impurities. For me, I hardly wear makeup so I tend to use some coconut oil on a cotton pad to remove mascara especially. Grapeseed or Jojoba oil are also really great to use if you’re not getting a cleanser and just need help loosening that makeup.

2. Water-Based Cleanser– this breaks down dirt and sweat and picks up what the oil cleanser might have missed. I use the Epielle Micellar Cleansing Water that I pick up at Pennywise for around $20. I also use it for when I spot conceal since that’s usually not heavy makeup so it comes off easily. Apart from the great price, I have sensitive skin but I’ve zero problems with it- no burning, no breakouts, nothing. I also love the pump used to get the product out making life so much easier.

Image result for epielle micellar cleansing water

3. Exfoliator– this step is super duper important if you want clean, clear skin. It removes dead skin cells that tend to make you look patchy, or causes breakouts. Also, when I apply my exfoliating product, I massage it into my skin for about 60 seconds to make sure I get all the yucky stuff OUT! My favourite exfoliating product is the Freeman Apple Cider Vinegar Clay Mask & Scrub. It’s gentle, smells great unlike raw apple cider vinegar and truly leaves my skin smoother and brighter. I also get this at Pennywise for between $30- $35.

Image result for freemans apple cider vinegar mask

4. Toner– now what Toner does is balances your skin’s moisture levels and restores the pH balance that all that cleansing and exfoliating threw off. My favourite product at the moment for this is the Cara Mia Toner (pictured at the centre below). Some toners I’ve used in the past left my face red and itchy, but I’ve none of that with this toner. Some have also left my face ridiculously dry to the point where I could strike a match on my face, but not with this. And well my favourite part, it’s less than $30, more like $24 at Pennywise.


5. Essence– these are light and pack a punch of anti-aging, hydrating, brightening or other fixes for your skin. For me, as a dry skinned gal, I chose Hylauronic Acid, to allow my skin to remain hydrated. This BreyLee Hyalauronic Acid I got on Amazon for around $10 or $11 (see homepage for the link) and though I find the bottle really small (.53 fl oz) it only takes about 2-3 drops to get my entire face covered and super hydrated for hours. I also use it under makeup for some extra help to not get dry patches for my foundation to cling to.

Image result for breylee hyaluronic acid

6. Treatments– this step is used to pinpoint certain problems you might have, like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne and so on. Though only 26, I’ve enlisted the help of The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid to fight any signs of aging that even think about appearing. They say that anti-aging care should start once you hit your twenties and I’ve taken that to heart just to be on the safe side. Locally here in Trinidad I’ve paid $80 for this product. Now though I use it sparingly, sometimes it does in fact have a burning sensation at the sides of my nose, but lasts for all of half a minute and it’s done. (Note- I do this step only about 2-3 times weekly because it’s too strong for everyday usage)

Image result for ordinary alpha lipoic acids 

7. Sheet Masks– these allow your skin to absorb concentrated essences, serums or treatments by leaving on your face for some time. It also forces you to just relax and meditate while it does it’s job. Because I actually sell this type of product (see here), I’ve amassed by own personal stash which I love. My favourites are of course the ones that add moisture, hydration and leave me feeling renewed.

Image result for holika holika avocado mask

8. Eye Cream– the skin around your eyes are thin and delicate and so must be delicately taken care of. only recently I’ve introduced this step into my routine by way of the Olay Ultimate Eye Cream which I love so far because how thick, but not heavy it is. Under my eyes feel moisturized when applied, but doesn’t look or feel there’s a thick layer of product on it.

Image result for olay ultimate eye creams

9. Moisturizer– I’ve probably been using this product since university, but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it right?! Moisturizer comes in many forms, creams, gels, sleeping masks but they all have the same job. To seal in moisture and plump and smoothen skin.

Image result for clean and clear moisturizer

10. Oils– Oils can penetrate a moisturizer, but not the other way around. So adding it after adds that extra layer to ensure you LOCK IN that moisture and your skin remains softer and more suppler for longer periods of time. For the last few months I’ve been using The Organic Essence by Mel – Rose Gold Facial Serum. It’s $100 TT and all I really need to is 2 drops to cover my entire face and I am absolutely glowing and well oiled.



I know it seems like a lot, but you’ll see a major difference once you’re consistent and have found the right products for you. It’s been about 4 months now I’ve undertaken this entire routine and surely I’ve seen change, just peep the pic below (that’s with only my day time products on-routine for that soon come). But if you have any questions feel free to inbox me, email me, DM me etc. I’d be happy to help!



Time to UnWine’d!

I know it’s only Wednesday but its been a long, difficult week for both of us. Right?
So how about a glass of the good stuff, you know what I’m talking about- WINE!ūüć∑

Island Vine Wines
IVW boasts “finely crafted Trinidadian wines using a Polish method handed down by the Osika Family”, meaning every glass you pour was nurtured for that very moment.
With flavours like Sugarcane, PawPaw, Pineapple and even Sparkling Mango (yes you read that correctly), they ensure that every bottle is a unique experience that immediately takes you seaside lounging.

Island Vine ain’t no joke when it comes to doing wine the right way either! These bona-fide winemakers¬†uses only the best equipment, on their Facebook page I quickly learned about an antique authentic French carboy or “demijohn” as commonly called in France which is used in the fermentation process to ensure quality control.
That’s super cool right?

Tucuché Country Wines
Getting its name from the mountain peak sacred to the Amerindians,¬†El Tucuche, for this brand is a symbol of Home. El Tucuche also towers over the winery that crafts what we know as Tucuch√© Country Wines , so as to say ‘I’m looking over you always,’ and, it gives the purest base, straight from the spring for their wines. Using seasonal and exotic fruits found right here in Trinidad & Tobago, Tucuch√© is churning out Guava, Pommecythere, Banana, Noni and even Banoni ( I had to google to find out what this was and apparently its is an apple -TCW you can call me out on this if I’m wrong), but you name it and they’re turning it into wine!

Pairing fruits and spices to create the most inviting blend is definitely their forte and asking for another glass is sure to follow. Using warm colours and rich flavours in every bottle,¬†¬†each “enticing bouquet evoke memories and dreams of ancestral times and the vibrant plumage of the hummingbirds” as stated by their story in Facebook!

V Toria Rhonda Winery
Years before it was a winery, this estate was an Orchard with a sprinkling of cocoa and coffee. Today, this 2nd generation wine maker produces some of the finest wines made from our local fruits all her own vineyard and winery. Wine, in her opinion is what brings people together to create new experiences and memories to last a lifetime. These semi-sweet wines are made in Rio- Claro, Trinidad from a variety of tropical fruits and dried grapes (raisins) to create the bold flavours .

Apart from the impressive packaging and flavours the website¬† introduces you to Victoria Wine Club where you can get a 10% discount on your purchases and other exclusive benefits. There’s also a listing¬†here making the bottles even easier to find to entertain at your next lime.

L’eau Pont Winery- Tropical Fruit Wines¬†
Once in a while, I meet wine that makes me go WOW! So imagine, the tangy, tartness of sorrel marrying the rich taste of Port, did you imagine it?
Yeah sounds amazing right?!? Now what if I told you I like neither sorrel, nor Port ( at this point you might be judging me, its okay though) but TFW had me seriously questioning my taste.
This family affair produces flavours like Pommerac, Mango, Banana, Sorrel and Pineapple all from their micro-winery!

Light, refreshing, mellow, elegant all can be used to describe a pour from an L’eau Pont Wine, so how about some wine?


Be sure to click to see more on these wineries!


Self Careis NOT Selfish!

The M Word……

Oh the M word….

The word people are apparently terrified of saying…
The word that so many people pretend doesn’t exist…
Mental Illness.

I can only talk on my experience with this as not everyone’s is the same. But, you may still resonate with the feelings and thoughts that I’m constantly plagued with.
Over the past 6 years I have developed both depression and anxiety,due to a really traumatic experience in my life.
I have gone weeks where I cried day after day, not wanting to be here, wondering what it would be like to end my life. I have taped my bedroom curtains to the wall so that they don’t blow up and allow anyone from outside to see me, I fear someone might be staring at me. 6 years later and my curtains are still taped to a wall. I have wondered my these things happen at all, not just to me, but to anyone. Why do I, or anyone at all have to feel like each day is a burden, draining the life out of me.

I have panic attacks where I sometimes end up throwing up because my body is reeling from whatever triggered it, and lots of things trigger it, dogs barking, having to mash brakes suddenly while driving, getting a phone call, hearing an unfamiliar sound while trying to fall asleep…and the list goes on and on. I’ve had panic attack last mere minutes, I’ve had panic attacks that lasted hours, but I can say that they all feel terrible. It always feels as though I am trapped, screaming to be let out, but still I’m stuck and I’ll never get out, that this is where I meet the end.

In all of this, I’ve taken the decision to not take any medication, I don’t want to feel like my life is dependent on it. For me, becoming self-aware was the biggest breakthrough I’ve had in identifying situations that made me behave in certain ways. For a long time I was angry all the time, I would lash out, I would scream and throw things, today I’m not angry, but I do feel often feel burdened by life itself.
I’ve tried desperately to implement self care, which for me is reading a book, talking to someone when I feel like giving up, going to the beach or anywhere outdoors where I can get fresh air, finding new hobbies (blogging is something I started when life had me at my worst), occasionally treating myself to a food I love, taking a nap when I really it, asking for help when I really need it and a few other things.

I know I didn’t share much, but for me its a start to being more open about my traumas and dealing with mental illness. And if you need to talk, if you need someone to listen, I’m always around because sometimes what we need most is each other. Maybe I’ll continue this post later, maybe I’ll stop here.. but I’m on the journey to getting better, to becoming myself again.

There is no shame in your story.
You are not alone.
You are loved.
You are strong.


(Featured Image is from equalityinstitute.org)

A Picture-Perfect-Picnic!

Describe your idea of a perfect date. 

Honestly, that’s a tough one. But, I’d have to say November 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, the days are overcast, maybe light rain, but it’s cool all round!

I’m kidding!

But… I’ve always considered having a picnic to be a fun, romantic and relaxing experience. And, thanks to Picnic-Perfect Ltd. my picnic dreams were realized (on Valentine’s Day, of all days‚Ě£).

Waterville Estate, described on its website as “Nestled in the lush, tropical verdant Santa Cruz Valley, undisturbed by the bustle of modern day living, ” made it seem as though we had been whisked away to another island, surrounded only by the other couples, our hosts and the bugs singing their night songs.

Image may contain: people sitting

Though meant to be under the magnificence of the night sky, rain was like nah, not today and Picnic-Perfect didn’t skip a beat in setting up under tents . The cushy blankets, fluffy throw pillows and basket at my side didn’t make me miss the grass at all as I kicked my shoes off and got comfy with my¬† SO.¬†ūüėŹ

And peep the cute welcome note we got.¬†ūüĎáūüŹĹ




Also, if you look to the far bottom left of the above pic, you’ll catch a glimpse of the cheese that paired with a most scrumptious Olive Loaf (which I meant to take pictures of but I was hungry, I’m sorry‚ėĻÔłŹ). I followed up my Olive Loaf with dinner of wild rice, Parmesan crusted salmon and veggies, accompanied by our non-alcoholic mimosa (because everyone has to get home safely afterward ofc!) and a very attractive Red Velvet Cheesecake. Dinner led to conversation (and some minor cuddling) which led to MINI-GOLF!ūüŹĆ


Because I’ve never played Mini-Golf before (or real golf at that) I was excited to try it out because I’m just playful by nature, so games are my thing. After about 10 misses the ball finally made it to the hole and victory was mine! My bf didn’t do pretty bad either (actually he did better than I did, but, this is my blogūüėāūüėā). But as people that really enjoy new experiences the Mini-Golf for us was one of the most enjoyable events of the night, because well not long after this a bug flew into his eye and then it got swollen and we ended up leaving.ūü§¶ūüŹĹ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ…. But


But not before we had a mini photoshoot, set up for us to immortalize this Valentine’s Day experience! It included props, a professional photographer and lots of laughs.

The picture below is the selfie result from the picture above!


Earlier that day I was a bit worried as the rain had fallen, and well naturally the place would be wet. So my brain was running wild with how it was going to turn out. Needless to say, it was PICNIC-PERFECT!

As a person who doesn’t particularly celebrate Valentine’s Day, I could think of no better way to have spent this one. A super special thanks to Picnic- Perfect Ltd for inviting me to indulge in an evening filled with love, laughter & happiness! And I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to have an intimate,simple but fun time!

Take Me Back- St.Lucia!

Have you ever been to a place where everyone you walk past is the most pleasant person in the world? That’s St.Lucia.

Known for it’s twin volcanic peaks, the Pitons, rising straight from the sea to over 2500ft skirted by the fishing port of Soufriere, St.Lucia is plastered with¬†rich, mesmerizing vegetation from coast to coast.¬†Between the journey ¬†from George F.L Charles Airport,me trying not to puke my guts out ( I have the worst motion sickness) and the¬†Coconut Bay Beach Resort, St.Lucia reminds you of the Caribbean island you dream about when you’re from the outside looking in.

(Yes I am from Trinidad and Tobago but my life is overrun with highways, freshly constructed buildings and the only greenery I see is the weeds my dogs decide to uproot and drag around my yard). Not long after leaving the airport we headed uphill to get this amazing view of the cruise ship port which I must admit I can’t remember the name(maybe because I was so mesmerized) but you get the point from the pic right?


So after spending an hour in the taxi trying to contain anything I may have eaten for that morning, we got to Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa which is located in Vieux Fort along St.Lucia’s south coast and thankfully just 5 mins from the Hewanorra International Airport (for when it was time to go home). For this really short vacation¬†the intention was to¬†do some exploring especially at the much talked¬†about Sulphur Springs, however my body thoroughly convinced me that what it needed was¬†to just chill the eff out¬†and with 5 pools and 7 bars it was the easiest task I’ve ever had to undertake. Somehow my SO and I ended up in a room with two beds (we still can’t recall if we intentionally did that lol) but the view of pathways and coconut trees we weren’t bothered in the least.

If you’re not too enthused by kids running and screaming there’s an entire wing I believe its the Harmony wing, with¬†a pool, bar and suntrackers (my favourite thing about CBay) dedicated to adults only. If you’re looking for a boozy vacay with great cocktails and even greater bartenders then CBay holds your best interest at heart. Called Coconut Bay Beach Resort AND SPA I had a super relaxing evening at Kai Mer- indulging in a Botanical Mini Facial and Kai Mer Tranquility ( I fell asleep for both and if you know me personally you know I don’t just fall asleep any and anywhere). Me falling asleep should indicate just how relaxing both were so I’d absolutely recommend Kai Mer!

Here’s the bar!(this one is by the adult pool, there’s a bunch more)

Here’s the Sun Trackers! (they’re able to spin around so you can face where you want)

On the side where noise makers( kids lol) are allowed there’s a lazy river and two fun as a mofo water slides if you’re looking for some excitement. This side also houses a swim up bar with a Kid’s Mocktail menu for the kiddies, but lemme tell you the cocktails are so fruity and delicious you get caught up really easily.

Apart from the fun, food is a priority. So, in addition to the buffet restaurant available for breakfast, lunch and dinner there’s three other specialty restaurants at the resort that you can make dinner reservations for, and the Jerk Treehouse (see pic for menu). ‘Calabash’ offering Creole and Caribbean cuisine was the pick for one of these very short nights (see pic on left below) and the steak was divine.


Though my lazy behind never left the hotel I don’t regret it one bit. because of the pure relaxation, friendly staff and soothing environment C-Bay offers I’d recommend it to anyone!

Say Hi to my Mango Mojito!





The Glow-Up Has Arrived!

My dear friends, we are gathered here today to shine the light on my absolute favourite makeup product: Highlighters‚ú®

My closest friends know I wear makeup about 1.5 times a month, but that doesn’t stop me from buying all the highlighters from golden tones to peachy shades simply because I have a problem (one I’ve come to terms with). Local cosmetics brand- Amerie Beautie is giving us all the highlight we need to successfully achieve the ultimate glow , I could already hear the makeup addicts in the distance shouting ‘ Yaaaaaas’. Handmade in pressed and liquid for every skintone and a million percent WOC friendly, totally coruscanting is unavoidable.


Be sure to check out @ameriebeautie on IG!

Stay Shinin’¬†‚ú®


Swim Good!

Living in the Caribbean really does have its perks. I could to go beach any day at any time and have a beastly cold Stag (my beer of choice), and the weather (even if its pouring rain) is just right.¬†For most the mantra is ‘Sun’s out, buns out’ and I don’t¬†blame them one¬†bit! If you’re obsessed with the beach like me, swimwear and beach accessories always catch¬†your¬†eye, even when you have a drawer full of bathing suits that still have tags ( Please tell me I’m not the only one). But seriously, if you’re looking to get your Baywatch on, you’ve come to the right place.


  • Miakalani Swim (Jamaica)- Everyone has a swimsuit body and with just¬†a few¬†days¬†until the official website launch(www.miakalaniswim.com) Miakalani has the one for you! Daring or more conservative? Its okay Miakalani is mastering the balance of comfort and sexy whatever your style may be.

(Images from Instagram @miakalaniswim)

  • Jae Jolly (Jamaica)- If you get mistaken for a celebrity on vacation I could honestly see why. Jae-Jolly is serving up that one-of-a-kind, private island luxury kind of resort/ swimwear.¬†Each piece allows you a unique experience you¬†ABSOLUTELY¬†CANNOT¬†find with swimwear from anywhere else.¬†Does anyone else look at clothing and could¬†tell wearing it gonna end up a¬†WHOLE scene?


(Images from Instagram @jaejolly)

  • Dominic Hutch (Trinidad)- Guys, I’m so sorry I often leave you all out, but not this time ūüėĬ†This is your version of the itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini. Que the slow mo beach run. There’s prints to match your personality to¬†a T from subtle to BOLD and anything that could quite possibly be in between.

(Images from Instagram @dominichutch)

  • Suga Apple Swim (Barbados)- Suga Suga how you get so fly? Nah, for real, I think that song was written with this brand in mind because MY GOODNESS! So many shapes for so many body types¬†Suga Apple¬†will have you lookin the flyest!

(Images from Instagram @sugaappleswim)

  • Vivre By Chelsea (Trinidad)- When Chelsea said ‘Only for the DOPE’ she wasn’t playin. Vivre is dripping in Caribbean sex appeal that really fascinates and excites and aren’t for the faint of heart. Want that head turning, jaw-dropping, have them drooling type swimwear? The you’ve come to the right place.

(Images from Instagram @vivrebychelsea)

  • Tobago Bag¬†(Trinidad & Tobago) – The quintessential beach/travel bag is made right here! Big enough for these beach towels but not too big that you get carried away (like I usually do). The simple elegance of these bags make them easy to carry in so many situations that can come up in your vacation travels. Honestly, it’s the ‘IT Travel Bag’.


(Images from Instagram @tobagobag)

  • Drevait (Trinidad)-¬†Drevait could proudly say that they’ve designed every Tropical Traveler’s dream tote. Put these bags to your ear and I’m sure you could hear the ocean.¬†The latest collection so rightfully called ‘Wanderer’¬†fits all your¬†vacay¬†must-haves¬†while you look like the chicest travel blogger around.

(Images from Instagram @drevaitofficial)

  • Timberwear Inc¬†(Jamaica)- (Guys you’re included in this one too) When last have you seen HANDMADE sunglasses right here in the Caribbean? And don’t lie…. Made with 1 part brilliance, 1 part fresh to deathness, 2 parts Caribbean Excellence and probably the most important thing… Teak! Timberwear is sure to make you the belle(or beau) of the beach!

(Images from Instagram @timberwearinc)

  • Kitanilly Basics (Trinidad) – Sometimes we like to keep em guessin, so we prefer coverups (this is me when I don’t shave¬†my legs). Kitanilly came through with the Kaftan, Kimono, Throwover- if you can cover up with it she’s made it. My fave thing is these transition to so many occasions. Its the all purpose vacation piece you need in that travel bag.

(Images from Instagram @kitanillybasics)

Vacation time is slowly creeping up and my wish for you is that your toughest decision will be bikini or monokini ūüĎô

Feeling Shady? Visit ‘The Shade Shop’!

For these past few weeks the sun is taking no prisoners with its scorching heat‚ėÄÔłŹūüĒ•. Luckily, The Shade Shop is serving us¬†with slaying sunnies for the blinding inferno that is the sun.

The Shade Shop is stylishly curated by a New-York based, Trinidadian CEO to bring you the latest trends and out-of-box shades to make it through these sun-shiny days! TSS began as a NY based venture that found its way back home (literally NY-> Trinidad)¬† because, well, who needs sunglasses more than people in the Caribbean?¬†A lot of us really have trouble finding the pair that looks great on us. That ‘someone might stop you in the street and ask you for your autograph’ kinda pair. The first step is really identifying the face shape you have to find what suits you!

There’s 4 basic shapes to know:

  • Square- you have that¬†strong¬† movie star jawline with a wide jaw and forehead. So¬†what’s for¬†you?¬†The key is finding balance in contrasting shapes, try curvier frames like round or those with rimless edges to create softer features and balance a striking jaw. Your head is already square, you don’t need square shaped sunglasses too. Round, oval, cateye and semi-rimless are great options!

  • Oval-¬†so your face is longer than it is wide. Not a problem, you can get away with¬†both¬†round AND square frames. Oversized frames are an absolute no as they blur out most of the face features. Proportion in this case is really what you have to keep in mind to find that perfect pair.

  • Round-¬† with lovely full cheeks and a narrower forehead/ jawline emphasized by soft features your best options are angular and geometric shapes, round shapes should be totally avoided. ¬†These angular shapes will give your face a longer, leaner look as the angles offset¬†the fullness/ roundness¬†. Wayfarers and those alike should be your buddies.

  • Heart – you’re wider in the forehead and narrower at the chin. So, with the right proportions you can even it all¬† out. What does that mean? Well shades with a wider top or that are upswept (like cateye sunglasses) help to elongate the face. Round shapes do the same so they should be your go to! Round, cateye aviator and rimless shapes are you friends!

By now you probably have an idea of what your shape might be and also want to¬†get a pair that you’ve seen on this post. No worries just keep on reading!

To purchase any of the sunglasses above: Visit the shade shop on IG @TheShadeShopNYC or email theshadeshop57@gmail.com

‚ú®Here are some amazing ( local) brands where you can also find those stylish sunglasses:

  • Sanianitos (Trinidad) – IG @sanianitos
  • Timber Wear Inc (Jamaica)- IG @timberwearinc/ timberwearinc.com