By now we’ve all heard of an Apple watch, or a Fit Bit, but, did you know since the introduction of these devices there’s at least a dozen more on the market. And they do more than just allow you to see who’s calling or to track your steps.
Some are monitoring the levels of UV rays you’re being exposed to, digitally change face to match your outfit and even help in improving your posture. Long gone is the bulky, unappealing look of wearable tech, where they’ve been replaced with sleek, stylish and comfortable pieces that double as functional on a daily basis.

Check out these 5 stylish pieces of wearable tech:

  1. Kate Spade New York- Scallop Smartwatch 
    This smartwatch, compatible with both iOS and Android has that feminine touch smartwatches have been missing for the last few years. This scallop trimmed watch face has bands for every occasion like leather polka dots or florals, chic stainless steel, and rubber for those who have some more heavy duty days.
    In true smartwatch fashion it can track calories, heart rate, and steps, but, you can also play music, send notifications for calls/ messages/ apps, and even make payments. But the most intriguing feature of this wearable has to be the ‘Choose Your Look’ app, that allows the watch dial to match seamlessly with your outfit by asking you, the wearer a few things such as what colour you’re wearing, what time of day is it, tone of the jewelery and down to the colour of your purse or handbag.
  2.  Totwoo   (pronounced ‘To-Two-o’)
    You’ve heard of Swarovski crystals, well, Chinese brand Totwoo is giving them an upgrade. This style factor paired with the brand’s belief that jewelry is a way to enhance emotional connections amongst ourselves has resulted in their Memory line. Memory enables users to upload precious videos, audios or pictures and store them to the jewelry via Bluetooth and Totwoo App. So now your priceless memories are stored with you, or makes a superb gift for a loved one. That’s not all, ability to pair up your Totwoo with that someone so messages can be sent by merely tapping the jewelry, and sending virtual emotions.
    Like your usual smart device, it calculates your daily steps, consumed calories, reminder to get moving and has UV monitoring. There’s also a version with a hands-free smart camera, and doubles as an innovation in self care serving you reminders to ‘hydrate yourself’ or ‘take a break.’
  3. Opter – POSE- The Smart Posture Necklace (available for preorder)
    So you made a new years resolution to improve your posture, however, things haven’t gone according to plan. Enter, the Opter necklace! It works to improve posture by  vibrating when you slouch either forward or sideways, so that you’re immediately made aware and try to fix it . But, the features don’t stop there, Pose sends a phone notification when it’s time to slather on sunscreen while measuring how harsh the UV is and how long you’re exposed. The necklace also aids in improving your sleep quality by monitoring when you sleep, when you wake up, and how much light you’re getting throughout the day — the most important influences on your body’s circadian rhythm.
    Then there’s another on of our resolutions, the one that involves more exercise. Well, when Pose finds you’ve been bumming it for too long, it reminds you to get up and get moving, and track your steps, calories and amount of weekly exercise.
  4. Oura Ring
    Oura comes equipped with Sleep, Readiness and Activity Insights. The ring keeps track of your nightly sleep cycle regarding amount and timing of deep, REM, light sleep, and possible awake time during the night. It then analyses how these affect your sleep quality to guide you to an optimal sleep schedule and maintaining your sleep rhythm for more rested night’s sleep. Oura also of course makes note of your steps, calories and inactivity during the day to help you balance out recovery time with workout time.
    Heart rate, body temperature and respiratory rate and when is the best time for you to rest and recover after you’ve been active.
    And the sleek look of the Oura ring makes it easily wearable for everyday.
  5. Sakhi Smart Bracelet (Available later on in 2019)
    This customizable charm bracelet’s most notable feature isn’t how pretty it is, but rather it’s ability to safeguard women since it connects to a designated guardian network. Once activated, Sakhī jewelry transmits your GPS location to your safety network and sends live audio feed of the surroundings. It will also be able to connect to nearby Sakhi devices (upto 1km/0.6mile) and forms a second path of communication. In unsafe situations an SOS call is activated by either tapping it 3 times, or pressing both crystals simultaneously.A mild-panic (call-me) signal can be activated by double-tap. And another of Sakhī’s main selling point is that connectivity among devices does not require a subscription to any monthly or yearly data plan making it cost effective.

    Will you be adding some wearables to your wardrobe?