Every fashion lover’s favourite time of year is in full swing(Spring/Summer 2016 collections) . And while I wasn’t too impressed this time around I did see some interesting pieces and some I’ve seen before just in a different colour palette (Yes Balmain, I’m talking about you).From backstage to runway to street style, there’s never a dull moment in the most important fashion cities around the world!

You know I’m here for my Caribbean designers, Haitian Designer Stella Jean was ever present at Milan Fashion Week bringing so much life with her prints, colours and the stories told in her pieces.


(Images from Fashonisers.com)

Rahul Mishra had that modern with a hint of drama!

rm rm1 rm2

( Images from Vogue.com)

While Elie Saab kept it feminine and flirty.

es es1 es2 es3 es4

(Images from Vogue.com)

Giorgio Armani for me had street style written alllllll over it!

ga ga1 ga2 ga3 ga4

(Images from Vogue.com)

Hey Dolce & Gabbana, Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking! ( I still realllly liked some of the pieces though)

dg1 dg2 dg3 dg4 dg5 dg6

( Images taken from Vogue.com)

Marc Jacobs brought the fun side of the design house that we love so much paired with some serious 40’s silhouettes!

mj mj1 mj2 mj3 mj4

(Images Taken from Vogue.com)

Obviously these are just a few but fashion week has 100’s of designers from all over the world and it still isn’t over yet! Who’s your favourite designer??