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If you're on the heavily boobed side, you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to find swimsuit tops that fit. As a 34G, I can easily watch a swim top and tell it won't come near me. And if you've battled with Maracas waves before,you know, that for sure anything with poor support, among other problems, will have you nipple to the wind (this has happened to me at least 3 times before).

Yes, we'd all love to look cute and trendy in that triangle top bikini, however, life just does't work that way. But, there are several cute, trendy, sexy, supportive styles for us fully boobed girls out here. So let's point out the problems we face and the bathing suits that are always on our side when it comes to supporting the girls!

Let's discuss the first issue shall we, that the usual bikini tops just don't fit right, especially if we buy them as a set. So first things first, stop buying the complete set, instead get them as separates since swimsuit makers just scale them based on size (S/M/L or 6/8/10 etc), when in reality a lot of us don't wear the same size on both the top and bottom.
The absolute best bet is to buy swimsuits based on your bra size, however most local stores don't carry bras according to your bust size (e.g 34G, 36B, 40H etc). Luckily, there are silhouettes that flatter and fit to support your breasts better. Case in point, the halter bikini (this isn't the usual triangle bikini with the flimsy string that ties around the neck and back), this style tends to have wider, sturdier straps and most of the time are adjustable so you can get that hold that you need. Additionally, anything with a tie back (say no to clasp-back swimsuits) allows you to loosen or tighten to your level of comfort and support. Apart from shapes, molded cups, and opting for suits with underwire add to levels of support you get from your swimsuit top.
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On to the next problem: there's hardly any (or no) support in the back. No support in the back spells disaster, like back pains, headaches, and then the aesthetic part where the straps start rolling up or they fall off the shoulders. Structure around the back gives you support just like a molded cup or fits with underwire.
One thing to look to is cutout bathing suits since they have the sex appeal yet are comfortable due to usually having a full back and just cut out at the sides. Apart from cutouts, a tankini top, long-line style or other athletic swim style bathing suits offer the coverage (and support) your back needs,offering structure in the back so that you feel more secure when swimming or just lounging around.
Our third problem is the bandeau top. The style is so stinking cute, but when it comes to keeping your breasts in place on your chest, it's the absolute worst style for the busty girl since there aren't straps to hold up. But, you'll be glad to know that there are options so you can wear that bandeau with ease and comfort without worrying about any mishaps. Thankfully, this style comes equipped with a few extras if you're busty, like, underwire, molded cups, gripped sides, and heavy-duty straps.Try versions of the swimsuits that allow you to add in straps so you get the support you need all while looking cute whether poolside on vacation, or. frolicking at the beach.
Or alternatively, try the bustier fit bandeau style, it extends a bit onto the torso so it has a fuller shape and more likely to have molded cups and/or underwire so that it stays in place and holds it shape.

Image result for bandeau plus size swimsuitThere's lots of options where you don't have to compromise your personal style to feel comfortable and confident! So do you feel more secure in choosing a swimsuit option for you ?
I sure hope this helps!


  • Halter Bikini-
  • Cutout Swimsuit-
  • Bandeau Swimsuit-

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By now we've all heard of an Apple watch, or a Fit Bit, but, did you know since the introduction of these devices there's at least a dozen more on the market. And they do more than just allow you to see who's calling or to track your steps.
Some are monitoring the levels of UV rays you're being exposed to, digitally change face to match your outfit and even help in improving your posture. Long gone is the bulky, unappealing look of wearable tech, where they've been replaced with sleek, stylish and comfortable pieces that double as functional on a daily basis.

Check out these 5 stylish pieces of wearable tech:

  1. Kate Spade New York- Scallop Smartwatch 
    This smartwatch, compatible with both iOS and Android has that feminine touch smartwatches have been missing for the last few years. This scallop trimmed watch face has bands for every occasion like leather polka dots or florals, chic stainless steel, and rubber for those who have some more heavy duty days.
    In true smartwatch fashion it can track calories, heart rate, and steps, but, you can also play music, send notifications for calls/ messages/ apps, and even make payments. But the most intriguing feature of this wearable has to be the 'Choose Your Look' app, that allows the watch dial to match seamlessly with your outfit by asking you, the wearer a few things such as what colour you're wearing, what time of day is it, tone of the jewelery and down to the colour of your purse or handbag.
  2.  Totwoo   (pronounced 'To-Two-o')
    You've heard of Swarovski crystals, well, Chinese brand Totwoo is giving them an upgrade. This style factor paired with the brand's belief that jewelry is a way to enhance emotional connections amongst ourselves has resulted in their Memory line. Memory enables users to upload precious videos, audios or pictures and store them to the jewelry via Bluetooth and Totwoo App. So now your priceless memories are stored with you, or makes a superb gift for a loved one. That's not all, ability to pair up your Totwoo with that someone so messages can be sent by merely tapping the jewelry, and sending virtual emotions.
    Like your usual smart device, it calculates your daily steps, consumed calories, reminder to get moving and has UV monitoring. There's also a version with a hands-free smart camera, and doubles as an innovation in self care serving you reminders to 'hydrate yourself' or 'take a break.'
  3. Opter - POSE- The Smart Posture Necklace (available for preorder)
    So you made a new years resolution to improve your posture, however, things haven't gone according to plan. Enter, the Opter necklace! It works to improve posture by  vibrating when you slouch either forward or sideways, so that you're immediately made aware and try to fix it . But, the features don't stop there, Pose sends a phone notification when it’s time to slather on sunscreen while measuring how harsh the UV is and how long you’re exposed. The necklace also aids in improving your sleep quality by monitoring when you sleep, when you wake up, and how much light you’re getting throughout the day — the most important influences on your body’s circadian rhythm.
    Then there's another on of our resolutions, the one that involves more exercise. Well, when Pose finds you've been bumming it for too long, it reminds you to get up and get moving, and track your steps, calories and amount of weekly exercise.
  4. Oura Ring
    Oura comes equipped with Sleep, Readiness and Activity Insights. The ring keeps track of your nightly sleep cycle regarding amount and timing of deep, REM, light sleep, and possible awake time during the night. It then analyses how these affect your sleep quality to guide you to an optimal sleep schedule and maintaining your sleep rhythm for more rested night's sleep. Oura also of course makes note of your steps, calories and inactivity during the day to help you balance out recovery time with workout time.
    Heart rate, body temperature and respiratory rate and when is the best time for you to rest and recover after you've been active.
    And the sleek look of the Oura ring makes it easily wearable for everyday.
  5. Sakhi Smart Bracelet (Available later on in 2019)
    This customizable charm bracelet's most notable feature isn't how pretty it is, but rather it's ability to safeguard women since it connects to a designated guardian network. Once activated, Sakhī jewelry transmits your GPS location to your safety network and sends live audio feed of the surroundings. It will also be able to connect to nearby Sakhi devices (upto 1km/0.6mile) and forms a second path of communication. In unsafe situations an SOS call is activated by either tapping it 3 times, or pressing both crystals simultaneously.A mild-panic (call-me) signal can be activated by double-tap. And another of Sakhī's main selling point is that connectivity among devices does not require a subscription to any monthly or yearly data plan making it cost effective.

    Will you be adding some wearables to your wardrobe?

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6 Bag Designers You'll Absolutely Love!

Bags, to me, are the accessory to end all accessories. They're cute, yet functional and there's one to go with any outfit imaginable on this planet or another. Bags also never ever go out of style and likely will never so you don't have to worry about changing it with the seasons (though that's not something I'm opposed to.)
In the olden days, it was known as a reticule, built to carry the bare necessities (of back then)- rouge, powder a fan and the occasional perfume.

But, in the 19th century they became more of a fashion statement and women have been adding them to their outfits to serve lewks ever since!
Here you can check out 6 local bag designers that I think you'll absolutely adore!

Jovew by Makisa
Tropic KissThe Linnet CrossbodyMagdalena Weekender

No photo description available.Image may contain: 2 peopleNo photo description available.

K Fensom
No photo description available.No photo description available.Image may contain: plant, nature and outdoor

Tobago Bag

Jhenella Isaac Luxury Handbags
Image may contain: one or more peopleNo photo description available.No photo description available.

No photo description available.No photo description available.Image may contain: 2 people


Image Credits

Jovew by Makisa-
Drevait- @drevaitofficial on IG
K Fensom- @kfensomtrinidad  on IG
Tobago Bag- @tobagobag  on IG
Jhenella Isaac Luxury Bags- @jhenellaisaacluxuryhandbags on IG
AniBrook- @aniciabrooks on IG

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12 Local Jewellery Brands To Know

I’ll be totally honest with you all, I’m not quite the jewellery wearer. I have the same plain stud earrings on all year through, I wear a necklace once every 6 months, I’ll probably throw a ring on if I remember, and that’s pretty much it. BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t take note of all the local jewellery brands that are absolutely killing it!
So here’s 12 local jewellery brands I think you should know about and shop from of course!

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My 7 Wardrobe Essentials

Clothes, all of us wear it, some of us hate it, some of us love it, and surely we buy a lot of it! I'm guilty of buying all of the clothes and then wearing the same 3 things over and over. And due to this, I technically always have something to wear because I can easily throw on any of my faves at any time and call it an outfit!
If you want to know what's my 7 wardrobe essentials, the things I wear over and over and over and never get tired of, then you can keep reading this post.

•Dark wash jeans- Out of all the colours, dark wash has to be my favourite- for two reasons.1, I am clumsy and any light coloured clothing is always at risk with me and 2, on those days I might need these thighs to appear slimmer, they come in absolutely clutch. Also, dark wash denim goes with pretty much anything I decide to pair it with, lighter washes, not so much which easily makes this one of the easiest pieces in my closet to wear. I go for a black of course, but if all else fails, navy is the next darkest shade I turn to.

•A sweatshirt- Listen, stress free dressing is my forte. Spending hours finding an outfit is not a thing I do, so sweatshirts are one of my most favouritest (yes I said that) pieces in the world! I can throw on some heels and make it extra cute. I can wear my oversized ones as dresses and pair it with a comfy and casual pair of sneaks, or some sandals and I am fully dressed. I also have two separate collections, my work sweatshirts and my going out sweatshirts because I mean, if it aint broke, don't fix it, right?!

•A Chunky Heel- I actually wear heels about once every 6 months, but still, its a very needed item in my wardrobe. However, I'm at that stage in my life where I'm so over stilettos because my feet hurt 3 seconds immediately after putting them on, so now chunky heels are my go-to! They're so stinking cute, they're comfy, reasonably priced and don't always make me look too dressed up if I'm looking for that cool but still diva balance I sometimes need.

•Strappy Sandals- I'm a sandal girl to my heart and the strappier, the better. Truth be told, I could use some more sandals because I'm stuck on buying the same brown colour in so many different styles, it's time to expand my horizons. But, its always hot in Trinidad and my toes do not like confinement so it makes sense to own a ridiculous amount of cute strappy sandals so that I can wear them all the time!

•A Little Olive Dress - My friends have tried to get me to stop buying olive coloured clothing, but its my money and I'll do what I want.☺️Because of my VERY yellow undertone, olive loves me and I love it, what more reasoning do I need? However out of all the olive things I own, my favourite has to be a spaghetti strapped stretch dress which I've probably worn every way possible in combination with the other things I own. It's been paired with heels, sneakers, a denim jacket, a cute cardigan and with each look its still looks great!

•(Some) Graphic Tees- Given my face always says what's on my mind, I like my t-shirts to do the same. So, I have a sarcastic tee or two, or ten that I keep on hand for when I think folks should have a fair warning before I even open my mouth. Like my sweatshirts I tend to dress these up or down depending on my mood, the occasion or however I see fit at the point in time at which I'm getting dressed. They're an easy wear as well as they pair with just about anything.

•Palazzo Pants- What are jeans? Not a thing I enjoy as I prefer the notion of no pants, however if I must, please let it be palazzo. They're so easy, breezy and come in the cutest prints that are hard to say no to (which is why I own several pairs). One store that surely fuels my Palazzo addiction is The London Clothing Company as I usually pick them up there for between $100- $200 and the material is great, the fit is amazing and for me the price is just right for something I get so many wears out of.


So tell me, what are your closet must haves?

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Is Your Pedi Ready?

In the Caribbean its always sandal season. Yeah sure we have the rainy season but it doesn't stop me. Does it stop you?

Because we have this sandal wearing advantage all year round, we should know some Caribbean brands making it possible to show off a fresh pedi to any event with any outfit.

  • Jamaica Sandal Company ( Jamaica)- Hand-crafted just for you, JaSandalCo has a signature style unlike any other sandal brand ,Caribbean based or otherwise. Search the tag #sandalporn and its clear as a dry season day which pairs stand alllll the way out, inspiring total shoegasms. Where to purchase? is the place to be!

(Images via Instagram @jasandalco)

  • Zaveza (Trinidad)- from head to toe, Zaveza quietly whispers to accessory junkie 'Hey girl! Those would look so great on you'. For the Bold, the Brave, the Fearless- Zaveza brings your most colourful accessory dreams to life in any pair of sandal you could ever want. Available in sizes 5-13 there's a pair with your, your friend's and your sister's name on it. Make your feet happy and purchase here.

( Images via Instagram @shopzaveza)

  • Territory VI ( Virgin Islands)- sandals AND prints? Yes please! T6 seeks to spread the good vibes through fashion with limited edition pieces featuring semi-precious stones and beadwork and batik & tribal prints. For me each pair represents a distinct personality so much so that I could give them all names of my own. Get the Six right here.

( Images from Instagram @territory_vi)


  • Shoan's Collections (Jamaica)- Shoan's mission is to #CrownYourFeet and it's been accomplished 10 times over and over. In case you like to stay a few inches above ground Shoan isn't just about flats but have the heels to match and yes they're handmade too. Get yourself some Shoan!

( Images from Instagram @shoanscollections)

To get any of these amazing sandals just click on the links within the article 😉

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Swim Good!

Living in the Caribbean really does have its perks. I could to go beach any day at any time and have a beastly cold Stag (my beer of choice), and the weather (even if its pouring rain) is just right. For most the mantra is 'Sun's out, buns out' and I don't blame them one bit! If you're obsessed with the beach like me, swimwear and beach accessories always catch your eye, even when you have a drawer full of bathing suits that still have tags ( Please tell me I'm not the only one). But seriously, if you're looking to get your Baywatch on, you've come to the right place.


  • Miakalani Swim (Jamaica)- Everyone has a swimsuit body and with just a few days until the official website launch( Miakalani has the one for you! Daring or more conservative? Its okay Miakalani is mastering the balance of comfort and sexy whatever your style may be.

(Images from Instagram @miakalaniswim)

  • Jae Jolly (Jamaica)- If you get mistaken for a celebrity on vacation I could honestly see why. Jae-Jolly is serving up that one-of-a-kind, private island luxury kind of resort/ swimwear. Each piece allows you a unique experience you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT find with swimwear from anywhere else. Does anyone else look at clothing and could tell wearing it gonna end up a WHOLE scene?


(Images from Instagram @jaejolly)

  • Dominic Hutch (Trinidad)- Guys, I'm so sorry I often leave you all out, but not this time 😀 This is your version of the itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini. Que the slow mo beach run. There's prints to match your personality to a T from subtle to BOLD and anything that could quite possibly be in between.

(Images from Instagram @dominichutch)

  • Suga Apple Swim (Barbados)- Suga Suga how you get so fly? Nah, for real, I think that song was written with this brand in mind because MY GOODNESS! So many shapes for so many body types Suga Apple will have you lookin the flyest!

(Images from Instagram @sugaappleswim)

  • Vivre By Chelsea (Trinidad)- When Chelsea said 'Only for the DOPE' she wasn't playin. Vivre is dripping in Caribbean sex appeal that really fascinates and excites and aren't for the faint of heart. Want that head turning, jaw-dropping, have them drooling type swimwear? The you've come to the right place.

(Images from Instagram @vivrebychelsea)

  • Tobago Bag (Trinidad & Tobago) - The quintessential beach/travel bag is made right here! Big enough for these beach towels but not too big that you get carried away (like I usually do). The simple elegance of these bags make them easy to carry in so many situations that can come up in your vacation travels. Honestly, it's the 'IT Travel Bag'.


(Images from Instagram @tobagobag)

  • Drevait (Trinidad)- Drevait could proudly say that they've designed every Tropical Traveler's dream tote. Put these bags to your ear and I'm sure you could hear the ocean. The latest collection so rightfully called 'Wanderer' fits all your vacay must-haves while you look like the chicest travel blogger around.

(Images from Instagram @drevaitofficial)

  • Timberwear Inc (Jamaica)- (Guys you're included in this one too) When last have you seen HANDMADE sunglasses right here in the Caribbean? And don't lie.... Made with 1 part brilliance, 1 part fresh to deathness, 2 parts Caribbean Excellence and probably the most important thing... Teak! Timberwear is sure to make you the belle(or beau) of the beach!

(Images from Instagram @timberwearinc)

  • Kitanilly Basics (Trinidad) - Sometimes we like to keep em guessin, so we prefer coverups (this is me when I don't shave my legs). Kitanilly came through with the Kaftan, Kimono, Throwover- if you can cover up with it she's made it. My fave thing is these transition to so many occasions. Its the all purpose vacation piece you need in that travel bag.

(Images from Instagram @kitanillybasics)

Vacation time is slowly creeping up and my wish for you is that your toughest decision will be bikini or monokini 👙

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7 Trends I Love!

If you've seen my last post on the '7 Trends To Ditch', you're probably wondering what trends I'm actually cool with! So here goes:

  • Stripes- No, they don't make you look like a jailbird. They're like the obeah of the fashion world, that and waist trainers (that's a story for another time). But seriously, you ever wanted that long lean Wendy Fitzwilliams looking body? Then vertical stripes should be your friend. They add the illusion of a longer , leaner body as the eye scans up and down instead of  side to side. The ole folks say horizontal make you look bigger (wider), I say disrupting those lines (typically at the waist or smallest point) can help you appear slimmer. Don't limit thin and pin stripes to your work suits, they too have a slimming effect on the body while larger stripes are more prone to highlighting problem areas so be mindful of that. Ultimately stripes belong in your wardrobe so if you don't have them, you know what to do 😉.


  • Athleisure Wear- Lemme tell you all one time, living in a tropical climate is sometimes a serious struggle between comfort and style because hobo chic could happen very easily. But Hallelujah for Athleisure! The 'rules' are simple, please don't wear your old beat up Chucks, instead you can try a nice crisp sneaker with colour detailing or even embellishments to add some fun. Sport jackets and jeans, dresses and sneakers, joggers and crop tops they can all work just not all the sport pieces at once or else you're just looking like you're going to work out.  The trick is to  find a balance between the sport and casual but try to avoid oversized pieces because you'll just look messy (in my JoanneTheScammer voice). Stay casual- cool and comfy!

(Images- Getty Images/ WhoWhatWear )

  • Mixed Prints- The queen of mixed prints HANDS DOWN is Solange, and you could be the princess. For some its a bit difficult and yes its very easy to look like the highway on a morning (BUSY) but there's a method (kinda) to this madness. One easy way to do this is by sticking with the same colour family like Solange in the second pic with shades of blue. Another easy way to mix prints is by pairing a large print with a small one so that the outfit doesn't overwhelm you. If the idea of print mixing still scares you, you could start off by pairing a print you really love with a bold solid colour and then work your way up from there. My advice: just have fun with it🎉.

(Images- 360Nobs/ Zimbio/ DressMeOutlet/ Harper's Bazzar )

  • Off-Shoulder- Flirtacious, fun and just the thing for this heat we've been having. Its a great balance to show some skin without reaching heaux status even though some of us could hear our grannies saying 'Cover your back child, you will catch cold.' Its okay granny we're just casually slayin. Off shoulder is a dynamic style as it could be asymmetric, straight across, have puffed sleeves, come with a thin strap or just  barely expose the shoulders for that peek-a-boo look. Off shoulder could be that Friday night drinks outfit, Saturday night club dress  or Sunday brunch date jumper. Who wouldn't love such a dynamic piece?

(Images- Concrete Runway/ Style Pantry/ WhoWhatWear/ Star Celebrity Dresses)


  • Flared Pants-  these aren't your average pant, flares give you that model-esque stature because it makes the legs appear longer especially in heels. The the trick is to have the hem them justttt enough to skim to the ground. The perfect fit gently hugs the knee and then flares to give just enough drama and those mile long legs.  Another general idea is when you have one flowing piece so try to keep the other closely fitted. So with flares opt for some closer fitted blouses, anything loose fitting is chartering into Hippie/ Boho territory. What's also great about these are that it works for all body types, for example, for bottom heavy pear-shapes it streamlines the leg by making the hips looks smaller. But really its for everyone, so lemme see those flares!

(Images- Latte Samuels/ Young At Style/ Pinterest/ Style Pantry) 

  • 'Millenial Pink'-  I could hear the collective 'wah d a** is that?' Its a range of colours from pink-based beige to a peach/salmon/coral sorta pink but truly started out as a toned down version of Barbie pink. Once upon a time I was not a fan of pink but things have changed now. From rose gold phones to Rihanna's Fenty line filled with MP it seems like Pantone's colour of the year for 2016 might stick around well into 2017. Pink these days is a pretty gender-neutral colour so its popping up all over and I for one appreciate it!

(Images- Pinterest/ NYMag/ Puma)

  • Wrap Clothing- DVF changed the fashion game when she created the wrap dress. Now, wrap clothing has taken on a life of its own from skirts to shirts to shorts, they wrappin' everything outchea. These pieces have a sophistication that you hardly see coming but its definitely there. They create curves and accentuate the body in the most magical of ways depending on how and where you tie them. A lot of times these pieces can be worn in so many ways you like you're wearing a different piece each time, so you better get wrapping.

(Images- Officially Adrian Foster/ Style Pantry/ Getty Images/ Pinterest)

These are just a few of my faves at the moment( Its clear from this list I'm not an accessories person *hides face*) and its in no way exhaustive!

Do you have some fashion faves? Leave them in the comments💕

Retro Dance GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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7 Trends to Ditch: Caribbean Edition

There are pieces of clothing that are total must haves, like a blazer for example. These next 7 pieces are NOTHING like that.


  • Distressed (Tops/Dresses)- Unless you're actually in distress you shouldn't be looking like it. I really don't know when, how and why this became a trend but when you purposely put holes in your clothing to look more 'stylish', then I really have to wonder if your sanity is intact. Where are you even wearing this to except for maybe Jouvert morning?

  • (Faux) Fur-We live in a Tropical climate. Why do you need fur? No! you are not the girl Flo Rida was talking about. Are you not sweating in these things? As intriguing as fur may look and feel, it simply isn't made for sweltering heat.

  • Shorts unzipped & unbuttoned- is this intentional or do you require some assistance? If the pants are too small and cannot be buttoned/zipped then you shouldn't be wearing it entirely. If however, you think it looks cute, I have news for you- it ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT. I'm so fed up of scrolling through fete pictures throughout the different fete seasons and seeing this, I immediately want to pelt away my phone or laptop.

  • Lace up Bodysuits- Did you actually get dressed if it wasn't a lace up bodysuit? Honestly speaking, my issue isn't with the bodysuit in particular. Its that people choose to wear it every-heffin-where. I kid you not, I have seen people dressed for work in this blazer et al . Yup, we've gone MAD!

  • Catsuit (jumpsuit)- Are you Catwoman? If you answered no, but have a Catsuit, fling it away immediately. Imagine my horror recently when I discovered a distressed catsuit. But really and truly, if you do not have a dance recital to be at, or auditioning for the role of Catwoman, please refrain from the suit.




  • Too Much Body Jewelry- Picture this: a person wearing a leg chain, body chain, choker with extra hanging pieces and full arm cuff. Are you a lagahoo(loup garou)? Then you need not be dragging so many chains around. Honestly, the only person this trend works for is Dylan Lex and that's because she makes it.

  • Leggings- Once again my issue isn't with the legging, its where and how its being worn. At work its a No No, I don't care if its Casual Friday- cover your ass. Of course there's an ongoing  debate if leggings are real pants and yes it is, once worn 'correctly'.



As we all know fashion fades but (personal)style is forever. So I think we should tuck these all away in the fading fashion folder and move on. For me these things are just a Big Fat

No GIF by Captain Obvious - Find & Share on GIPHY

Share with me what are some of the trends you've had enough of!

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