Is Your Pedi Ready?

In the Caribbean its always sandal season. Yeah sure we have the rainy season but it doesn’t stop me. Does it stop you?

Because we have this sandal wearing advantage all year round, we should know some Caribbean brands making it possible to show off a fresh pedi to any event with any outfit.

  • •Jamaica Sandal Company ( Jamaica)- Hand-crafted just for you, JaSandalCo has a signature style unlike any other sandal brand ,Caribbean based or otherwise. Search the tag #sandalporn and its clear as a dry season day which pairs stand alllll the way out, inspiring total shoegasms. Where to purchase? is the place to be!
  •  •Zaveza (Trinidad)- from head to toe, Zaveza quietly whispers to accessory junkie ‘Hey girl! Those would look so great on you’. For the Bold, the Brave, the Fearless- Zaveza brings your most colourful accessory dreams to life in any pair of sandal you could ever want. Available in sizes 5-13 there’s a pair with your, your friend’s and your sister’s name on it. Make your feet happy and purchase here.
  •  •Territory VI ( Virgin Islands)- sandals AND prints? Yes please! T6 seeks to spread the good vibes through fashion with limited edition pieces featuring semi-precious stones and beadwork and batik & tribal prints. For me each pair represents a distinct personality so much so that I could give them all names of my own. Get the Six right here.
  •  •Shoan’s Collections (Jamaica)- Shoan’s mission is to #CrownYourFeet and it’s been accomplished 10 times over and over. In case you like to stay a few inches above ground Shoan isn’t just about flats but have the heels to match and yes they’re handmade too. Get yourself some Shoan!
If you haven’t called up your nail girl just yet, maybe its time to do so…now. 

Swim Good!

Living in the Caribbean really does have its perks. I could to go beach any day at any time and have a beastly cold Stag (my beer of choice), and the weather (even if its pouring rain) is just right.

For most the mantra is ‘Sun’s out, buns out’ and I don’t blame them one bit! If you’re obsessed with the beach like me, swimwear and beach accessories always catch your eye, even when you have a drawer full of bathing suits that still have tags ( Please tell me I’m not the only one). But seriously, if you’re looking to get your Baywatch on, you’ve come to the right place.

    • •Miakalani Swim (Jamaica)- Everyone has a swimsuit body and with just a few days until the official website launch( Miakalani has the one for you! Daring or more conservative? Its okay Miakalani is mastering the balance of comfort and sexy whatever your style may be. (See images in the slider below- images taken from @miakalaniswim on Instagram)
    • •Jae Jolly (Jamaica)- If you get mistaken for a celebrity on vacation I could honestly see why. Jae-Jolly is serving up that one-of-a-kind, private island luxury kind of resort/ swimwear. Each piece allows you a unique experience you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT find with swimwear from anywhere else. Does anyone else look at clothing and could tell wearing it gonna end up a WHOLE scene?
      (See slider below for images- images taken from @jaejolly on Instagram)
    • •Dominic Hutch (Trinidad)- Guys, I’m so sorry I often leave you all out, but not this time  This is your version of the itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini. Que the slow mo beach run. There’s prints to match your personality to a T from subtle to BOLD and anything that could quite possibly be in between.
      (See slider below for images- taken from @dominchutch on Instagram)
    • •Suga Apple Swim (Barbados)- Suga Suga how you get so fly? Nah, for real, I think that song was written with this brand in mind because MY GOODNESS! So many shapes for so many body types Suga Apple will have you lookin the flyest!
      (See slider below for images- taken from @sugaappleswim on Instagram) 
    • •Vivre By Chelsea (Trinidad)- When Chelsea said ‘Only for the DOPE’ she wasn’t playin. Vivre is dripping in Caribbean sex appeal that really fascinates and excites and aren’t for the faint of heart. Want that head turning, jaw-dropping, have them drooling type swimwear? The you’ve come to the right place.
      (See slider below for images- taken from @vivrebychelsea on Instagram)
    • •Tobago Bag (Trinidad & Tobago) – The quintessential beach/travel bag is made right here! Big enough for these beach towels but not too big that you get carried away (like I usually do). The simple elegance of these bags make them easy to carry in so many situations that can come up in your vacation travels. Honestly, it’s the ‘IT Travel Bag’.
      (See slider below for images- images taken from @tobagobag on Instagram) 
    • •Drevait (Trinidad)- Drevait could proudly say that they’ve designed every Tropical Traveler’s dream tote. Put these bags to your ear and I’m sure you could hear the ocean. The latest collection so rightfully called ‘Wanderer’ fits all your vacay must-haves while you look like the chicest travel blogger around.
      (See slider below for images- images taken from @drevaitofficial on Instagram)
    • •Timberwear Inc (Jamaica)- (Guys you’re included in this one too) When last have you seen HANDMADE sunglasses right here in the Caribbean? And don’t lie…. Made with 1 part brilliance, 1 part fresh to deathness, 2 parts Caribbean Excellence and probably the most important thing… Teak! Timberwear is sure to make you the belle(or beau) of the beach!
      (See slider below for images- images taken from @timberwearinc on Instagram) 
    • •Kitanilly Basics (Trinidad) – Sometimes we like to keep em guessin, so we prefer coverups (this is me when I don’t shave my legs). Kitanilly came through with the Kaftan, Kimono, Throwover- if you can cover up with it she’s made it. My fave thing is these transition to so many occasions. Its the all purpose vacation piece you need in that travel bag.
  • Vacation time is slowly creeping up and my wish for you is that your toughest decision will be bikini or monokini !