Over the last few years I would get my nails done about every 4-6 weeks because anyone who gets their nails done knows, that once you start it’s the most difficult thing to stop.

But, in the interest of adulting, and saving some extra cash I had to give it a rest and this is where I started exploring the use of press-ons. This was November 2019, and then early this year (2020) Covid-19 happened, all nails salons were closed, retail stores were closed but as it goes, sometimes you just want to dress up, get your nails done and this is where the imPress Press Ons came in perfectly.

Choosing my nail designs were super simple since I’m partial to neutral colours and not very flashy designs and I wanted sets that could easily match with any outfit, any day at any time(given we’ve been inside for a few months now). My selection process was pretty simple, I just hit the ‘Shop All’ tab on the site and chose what immediately caught my eye, as well as what I haven’t seen yet from the ImPress brand at any shops in my area. With that being said, I decided on these 4 sets from the imPress website.

Set names from L-R: Skinny Dipping, Ecstatic Cling, So Unexpected, Ibiza Nights

I was ecstatic that the nails look exactly as they did on the site, they’re on trend with shapes like almond, oval and square, they’re sturdy (as they were on for more than a week and didn’t flinch) and so easy to apply.

‘So Unexpected’ was the first set I tackled since purple is definitely my favourite nail colour to wear! Each of these sets come with 30 nails that have adhesive backing so there’s no need for glue, a prep pad, a mini nail file and a wooden (cuticle) stick.

Getting these nails on went a little like this:
– Size the nails to fit my fingers since there’s 30 pieces also including some super gorgeous accent nails.
-My nails haven’t been done a while so my cuticles had to be pushed back and some clipping involved.
-Then using the Prep Pad, I cleaned each of my nails so that there was no residual oil or dirt to prevent the nails from not sticking properly.
-I also did a quick filing of the my nails so that the nails stuck properly and would last longer.

This set ‘So Unexpected’ comes with 30 nails that have adhesive backing so there’s no need for glue, a prep pad, a mini nail file and a wooden (cuticle) stick.
Pushing my cuticles back so that the nails fit stuck to the nail bed and shape.
Using the Prep Pad to clean my nails and get them ready to apply Press-On Manicure.
Taking a look at the nails I sized, and my hands post prep to make sure it all looks good.
Pulling the adhesive off to start applying the first nail- applied to pinky finger.
Pressing down to ensure it’s stuck on properly.
The thumbs were applied lastly. Taking a look at my gorgeous set so far.
Showing off the fully done manicure.

I was super satisfied when completed because of how much they looked professionally done and took about 20-30 minutes to apply. They also lasted a week and a half before I manually popped them off so its safe to say they don’t budge.

Here’s how I’d rate it (out of 5 stars):
•Ease to Apply- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
•Last-ability- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
•Nail Design- ⭐⭐⭐⭐
•Trendiness- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I think next, I’ll be trying the imPress Pedicure Collection since its only right that my toes look stylish, trendy and professionally done, just like my hands!