Valentine’s Day is a few days and everyone is busy planning their date night or day. But when all the planning is said and done you’re left in sheer terror at the fact that you have no clue what to wear. Also date night (or day) doesn’t have to be with a significant other, it can be with your girls like Leslie Knope’s Galentine’s Day or it could be an ultimate Treat Yo’self Day (yes clearly I love Parks and Rec). But don’t worry though, it doesn’t matter the event, let this blog post be your guide!

Some of us aren’t into the overly feminine (girly-girl if we shall) look, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have options. Pairing leather with an A-line skirt gives that perfect balance of sexy and flirty where its perfect for date night AND you’re still comfortable in your style. This way EVERYONE WINS!


On the other hand some of us love form-fitting silhouettes and that is also PERFECT for your dinner date with the SO or even the gfs! It allows us to show of only *some* of our best assets and honestly some of us just really love getting all dolled up for that someone and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that.


For the more casual dates, good ole jeans are lovely and multipurpose in case you’re not exactly sure where you’re going but you know you don’t need to go full glam. Heels and accessories dress up any outfit once tastefully done, but if you’re a flats person of course, go with what you’re comfy with.


And, if you’re going outdoors like a day at the zoo or a picnic then something more simple might be ideal since its much much easier to move around in and in case of any unexpected messes that accompany the outdoors!vday3


Ultimately, whatever you wear just make sure you feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING because that’s how your clothes should always make you feel! And also have a Happy Valentine’s Day !

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