Clothes, all of us wear it, some of us hate it, some of us love it, and surely we buy a lot of it! I’m guilty of buying all of the clothes and then wearing the same 3 things over and over. And due to this, I technically always have something to wear because I can easily throw on any of my faves at any time and call it an outfit!
If you want to know what’s my 7 wardrobe essentials, the things I wear over and over and over and never get tired of, then you can keep reading this post.

Dark wash jeans- Out of all the colours, dark wash has to be my favourite- for two reasons.1, I am clumsy and any light coloured clothing is always at risk with me and 2, on those days I might need these thighs to appear slimmer, they come in absolutely clutch. Also, dark wash denim goes with pretty much anything I decide to pair it with, lighter washes, not so much which easily makes this one of the easiest pieces in my closet to wear. I go for a black of course, but if all else fails, navy is the next darkest shade I turn to.

A sweatshirt– Listen, stress free dressing is my forte. Spending hours finding an outfit is not a thing I do, so sweatshirts are one of my most favouritest (yes I said that) pieces in the world! I can throw on some heels and make it extra cute. Or, wear my oversized ones as dresses and pair it with a comfy and casual pair of sneaks, or some sandals and I am fully dressed. And, I have two separate collections, my work sweatshirts and my going out sweatshirts because I mean, if it aint broke, don’t fix it, right?!

A Chunky Heel– I actually wear heels about once every 6 months, but still, its a very needed item in my wardrobe. However, I’m at that stage in my life where I’m so over stilettos because my feet hurt 3 seconds immediately after putting them on, so now chunky heels are my go-to! They’re so stinking cute, they’re comfy, reasonably priced and don’t always make me look too dressed up if I’m looking for that cool but still diva balance I sometimes need.

Strappy Sandals– I’m a sandal girl to my heart and the strappier, the better. Truth be told, I could use some more sandals because I’m stuck on buying the same brown colour in so many different styles, it’s time to expand my horizons. But, its always hot in Trinidad and my toes do not like confinement so it makes sense to own a ridiculous amount of cute strappy sandals so that I can wear them all the time!

A Little Olive Dress – My friends have tried to get me to stop buying olive coloured clothing, but its my money and I’ll do what I want.☺️Because of my VERY yellow undertone, olive loves me and I love it, what more reasoning do I need? However out of all the olive things I own, my favourite has to be a spaghetti strapped stretch dress which I’ve probably worn every way possible in combination with the other things I own. It’s been paired with heels, sneakers, a denim jacket, a cute cardigan and with each look its still looks great!

(Some) Graphic Tees– Given my face always says what’s on my mind, I like my t-shirts to do the same. So, I have a sarcastic tee or two, or ten that I keep on hand for when I think folks should have a fair warning before I even open my mouth. Like my sweatshirts I tend to dress these up or down depending on my mood, the occasion or however I see fit at the point in time at which I’m getting dressed. They’re an easy wear as well as they pair with just about anything.

Palazzo Pants– What are jeans? Not a thing I enjoy as I prefer the notion of no pants, however if I must, please let it be palazzo. They’re so easy, breezy and come in the cutest prints that are hard to say no to (which is why I own several pairs). One store that surely fuels my Palazzo addiction is The London Clothing Company as I usually pick them up there for between $100- $200 and the material is great, the fit is amazing and for me the price is just right for something I get so many wears out of.


So tell me, what are your closet must haves?