Have you made the conscious decision to shop local but don’t know where to find what you’re looking for?
While most of my local purchases are initiated through social media, sometimes it’s easier to just pop into a store, grab what you need and get out. At the moment, there’s a few spots where you can get clothing, accessories, skincare, decor, foodstuff and everything in between made by local/regional designers and artisans.
The few that’s around are totally worth the visit to snag some awesome local products made with lots of love( trust me, I can feel it with every product I buy).

•The Shop at Hotel Normandie

Located at #10 Nook Avenue, St.Ann’s, The Shop is a platform for all things local. Here’s where you can find a variety of local and regional products every day of the week.

•The House of Creative People

#139 Southern Main Road, Marabella is where you’d find this gem of a store. With a wide array of locally made jewellery, skincare products as well as art pieces THOCP

•Junckollage Gypsy Caravan

At the One Yoga Studio in Queen’s Park Oval is where you’d find the boho style handmade collective for over 40 different brands from all over Trinidad & Tobago. If you’re looking for a quirky or novelty gift with Caribbean flair, Junckollage is the spot.

•#6 Carlos Street, Woodbrook

If you follow local fashion, you’d know this address too well as its the studio of one of our most renowned designers, Meiling. And, she’s opened up this space to upcoming designers to make their pieces more accessible to us.

•Green Market, Santa Cruz

Opened on Saturdays from 6am-1pm , Green Market is a celebration of fresh produce, food, beverages and other artisans nurtured by trinis and those around the region. The idea is to foster fruitful relationships between producers and consumers based around fresh, healthy, home grown goods.

•Afrocessories Home

There’s no place like home and Afrocessories has created that place for local brands like herself! Located in the Annex of Trinidad Theatre Workshop you can feel the love from their home to yours with locally made jewellery, clothing, candles, teas and Afrocessories’ signature bonnet!

This list isn’t exhaustive so if you have a location that sells local products then send me a message so I can add it in! Also stores like Superpharm, Starlite and Pennywise are slowly but surely adding local products to their line up making it easier to find and shop!